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• 7/7/2018

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• 7/16/2017

Texture pack sam

what texture pack does sam use in the lets rob a bank video
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• 4/17/2017

hi I Christina how your day

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• 3/10/2017

I need help

I am working on a roleplay anyone have any ideas?
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• 6/22/2016

Sam and Silly have a 4 year age gap.

Silly is barely a teen at age 14, whereas grian is an adult at age 18, meaning Grian is a pedofile.
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• 3/6/2016

Yuki's State/Gender

So in Yuki's page it is stated that she is a transvestite. I don't think that is true and is far from it. Yuki (Real Life) said that she SEES Yuki as a boy who dresses like a girl. She didn't mean it LITERALLY.  Also I'd like to point out that the name SirCutieYuki is similar to Amano Yukiteru's name from Mirai Nikki/Future Diary. Yuki's (MineCraft) character design looks an awful lot like Gasai Yuno's from the same anime. Yuki is basically being targeted by everyone, trying to be killed but protected by Yuno, a YANDERE. So put it into simple words, bullies are trying to hurt a defenseless weakling making him look like girl, thus the name SirCutieYuki! Yuki's a trap though because if someone gets to hurt Yuki, Yuno will defenitely go and murder their faces, thus,Yuki  (Real Life) seeing her and him as a trap! However, Yuki (Minecraft) is not the same as the one in the anime making Yuki a completely different character like Chan Yandere being from a game. So basically, Yuki's a girl who ACTS like a boy but is still a girl and not a lesbian, transevstite or something. Also she having a crush on Taurtis and Sam would mean she's gay and not a transvestite. I really hope you guys understand my point, I know it's confusing but it's the best explanation I could do XD
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• 1/19/2016

this wikia

so i just wanted to ask what we think we need to do to improve this wikia, not that its bad, it just may need a touch up! so please reply with any concerns!
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• 1/3/2016


I know that many actors and participants in Sam's crew are active on this wikia. But if anyone here is part of Sam's crew and has information. State your name down here so we can recognize you as your wiki names.
I am aware that
Sanatosu is Majo_Ellen
GalaxyMonstero is GalaxyMonstero
and that StarHere is StarFinder
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• 11/26/2015


i love him
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• 11/12/2015

animations will get easier now

ok, so I just joined with one goal for a page realy. so Ill be focusing on makeing that page as good as I can. its the one on the actors in sams minecraft roleplays and more specificly their usernames ingame. it will alow for a more  easily acsesed sours of the usernames to be able to find the skins to make good animations! heres something to show how a skin is usefull:
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