• ElectrlHeart

    Hello peoples :3

    May 20, 2017 by ElectrlHeart

    Im creating this to tell y'all what imma do.

    IMMA DO SO MUCH STUFF XD that's all...XD

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  • MelMELODY23

    Guys, I'm back!!!

    March 10, 2017 by MelMELODY23

    hey guys! omg it's been forver since i've . been on this page but hey im back now and checking out all of this stuff, this page had developed soooo much and im sooo proud! 

    well as you can tell im not the only one whos been away, sam is now posting his amazing, what i call, the yandere follow up and omg who else is likeing it??? im enjoying it too! 

    ohh and what were your thoughts on tokyo soul? i found it really cool! but of course thats old now and your all probably asking me to get back to the present! 

    so guys, im going to start quizzes and i really need some helpers, ideas would be very well apprieciate it! 

    MelMELODY23 (talk) 23:25, March 10, 2017 (UTC)thanks, from MelMelody!!!

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  • Sanatosu


    August 14, 2016 by Sanatosu


    HELLO LOYAL FANS OF SAMGLADIATOR (or one of his co-stars I guess..? I dunno.) AND WELCOME TO MY GEHENA!

    My name is -- well you all know me better as Majo Ellen! So refer to me as that!

    Today I prettified my profile because weeeeeeeeee~ And donated some information out of generosity to the wiki. Since you know, keeping it true to the Grand Blue, but still giving the fans freedom to write their interpretations of events, is what I really enjoy about this setting.

    So! Lets cut down to it.

    The last few recordings, I've had to take the role of Teacher Jordan from Jorrae since he's been AKF, and I fear I may be stuck with this role on a more permanent basis. So yaay, that's fun... ;-;" (Hen…

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  • MelMELODY23

    the first quizz

    March 24, 2016 by MelMELODY23

    ok everyone its the first quizz!!! ok please note that i will be having characters ask you questions, but its not accually them. ok ill be doing a quizz on episode #53. everyone enjoy!!! 

    ME: ok the first person to ask a question is Sam. 

    SAM: ok, who had there phone out during the dance battle?  Silly, grian or jerry? 

    ME: ok next we have T......

    TUARTIS: Me!!!!!! ok sam bored you huh? well my question is way better... who is smarter, me or jerry? 

    ME: ok... next were very lucky to have... Grian. 

    GRIAN: ok, so who spotted dom first? me, sam or jerry!  

    me: ok that was the taste of the quizz, if you enjoy this quizz layout please comment if you have any suggestions also comment! thanks! 

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  • MelMELODY23


    March 18, 2016 by MelMELODY23

    hi again everyone! as you all know im back! so ived looked at how some quizzes work and im chossen one way i think its really good. any way i just wanted to tell you whats ben happening with my bolgs, thing is ive been quite busy. any way i came on here recently, and i have a question for everyone.... 


    what gender is yuki????? 

    ive been hearing alot about transgender stuff like that, but i wanna hear your orriganal opinion. there is no right or wrong ok 

    thanks everyone see you soon!

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  • MelMELODY23


    February 14, 2016 by MelMELODY23

    hello everyone! im so sorry i havent been updating my blog, so sorry! you may not hear from me on the blog for the rest of the month, but ill still be around! as i said so sorry! if any of you have concerns pls comment! thanks!!! heres  samgladiator videos you may have watched but its some of my favourites so yeah!!! also my favourite pics!!! 

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  • MelMELODY23

    4th quizz

    January 25, 2016 by MelMELODY23

    so as you know todays episode was called queen of england! i have help with my recent blog posts so i just want to thank those people! so yeah! this is the second finale quizz of this month so enjoy! 

    1. what was the queens name? 

    A. elizabeth


    2. who fell off the ladder? 

    A. sam 

    B. grain 

    C. taurtis 

    3.  what coulor carpet does te queen walk on? 

    A. blue

    B. green

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  • MelMELODY23

    3rd quizz

    January 23, 2016 by MelMELODY23

    hey guys i havent been updating lately but im here now so, remember awnsers in comments below! todays quizz is about the star wars finale! enjoy! 

    1. what coulor was sams light saver? 

    A. green 

    B. blue 

    2. who did taurtis say his girlfreind was? 

    A. taurissa


    C. grain in costume 

    3. who was darth vader? 

    A. geode 

    B. the princapal 

    C. dr nurse MD 

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  • MelMELODY23

    the second quiz!

    January 20, 2016 by MelMELODY23

    hello everyone! todays episode was about star wars! just like i said yesterday, its all for fun, i have re-thought about it and i dont think i will do the tally stuff. so yeah hope you enjoy! 

    1.  was taurtis dressed in...

    A. a costume 

    B. wasnt dressed at all unshaved hair 

    2. was grain locked up in...

    A. a room 

    B. the basement 

    C. under the floor 

    3. there are two people who have phones between these people, who?

    A. jerry

    B. sam

    C. taurits

    D. grain

    ( make sure you watch carefully when there all infront of the tv)

    ok, remeber comments below and yeah! hope you enjoy!  

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  • MelMELODY23

    the first quiz!!!

    January 19, 2016 by MelMELODY23

    Hey guys it me mel and im back here with  a fun quizz of te episode below for you guys! hope you enjoy! just awnser a, b or c! remember to suggest blog ideas to my user profile! tomorrow i will be doing a quizz on episode #22 of tokyo  soul! so make sure you check it out! ps. this is just for fun,you dont have to do it because there will be unfortunetly no prize, sorry but i will anouse a winnerover all.  so make sure you tally up your points beause than at te end of 5 quizzes i will get everyone to add up there scores, even though its all for fun!  

    1. who got stuck on the course?

    A. sam 

    B. hashim

    C. jerry 

    2. what was geode's disguise? 

    A. a hat 

    B. a moustuche 

    C. glasses 

    3. what did tuartis say about asking questions?

    A. dont be afraid to ask questions…

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  • MelMELODY23

    can you help?

    January 18, 2016 by MelMELODY23

    hey! i started this blog yesterday and didnt explain wat its about! 

    so  technically ill be asking advice about this wiki and yeah, if you have any suggestions for me to do with this blog, comment!

    also i know this wikia is mostly about samgladiator and its weird im doing blogs like this, but yeah! 

    hope you enjoy! 

    QEUSTION- if you could be a roleplay character, who would you be? 






    pufferfish patty    

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  • MelMELODY23

    its me!

    January 17, 2016 by MelMELODY23

    hello! im just starting out this blog! for those of you who dont know me, im mel and i really enjoy sams roleplays! 

    i am a very creative person and i am considere a staff member to this wikia! i dont ave my own chanel yet, but i would love to be apart of your youtube, if you have! so get back to me! 

    i hope you enjoy my blog and comment on my profile! 

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  • Visy23


    November 18, 2015 by Visy23

    I see that pepole are adding alot to the articles! amazing! ^_^ Ill try to go thru my mail and see it all thru to be to as much use as I can. Im also asking actors about info for a new page. sorry for the dely on the resensations. but episode 1 is almost 43 minutes! and Im doing this during brakes in school.

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  • Visy23

    can you help me?

    November 12, 2015 by Visy23

    so, seeing I got this page to take keer of, but also got alot of others. Id need your help! if you can order the actors names in alphabetic order and maybe tell me who Iv missed it be grate! I can give you a shoutout if you help enoth if that is a encuragement.

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  • Visy23

    so I got a blog?

    November 12, 2015 by Visy23
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