Toy bonnie by xnir0x-d874kr3

Bonnie is a blue rabbit animatronic from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza built in 1973.

He has a liking for Samuel Gladiator but he lives to serve Springtrap. A broken down decaying rabbit animatronic. When Springtrap goes an a rampage and forces Sam, Taurtis "Joey" Gladiator, Ashley Mariee, and Anstapaboh Luk to ally with The Marionette. When Springtrap is trapped by Sam he orders Bonnie and the others excluding Mangle to kill he and Taurtis but 6 AM comes at the perfect moment causing all the animatronics to shut down. Bonnie reappears repaired in Sam's new location of Freddy's Pizzeria but is in Stanley the Rabbit's shadow always. When Sam. Taurtis, and Unstoppable are stunned and cast out of the pizzeria presumed dead by Springtrap, Bonnie joins Springtrap with their souls free unaware that Springtrap had used them all along. His plan succeeded. He slaughtered the Marionette. Bonnie's true fate is unknown