Buraza Town was one of the primary settings of Yandere High School season 1. It is where many of Sam Gladiator's friends live. Sam and Taurtis used to live here, but eventually got sued by Mr. Dorito, and had to move to another town.

Residents Edit

  1. Sam Gladiator (formerly)
  2. Taurtis (Joey) (formerly)
  3. Yuki
  4. Jthestar (part time)
  5. JTS
  6. Prince Hidden Sentinels
  7. Gareth Nightman
  8. Jane Nightman
  9. Salex Shana-Chan Brown
  10. Chan Yandere
  11. Invader Blart
  12. Sookie Yaki
  13. Soul Owl
  14. Pufferfish Pete (part time)
  15. Dom Rao Dorito (part time)
  16. Mr. Dorito
  17. Mega Necra Artifex-Jiri
  18. Gracie Zha Ru
  19. Silly (Part time)
  20. Okami Amy Artifex-Jiri Née Artist (Part time)
  21. Rowan Artifex (part time)
  22. Granny Artifex-Jiri