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Chihiro was a child of the Oguni family born in 2005 who was born as the younger sister of Taurtis. When their family budget was failing and they needed a job fast they moved to Tokyo, Japan where they pulled over after the car ran out of gas. A quick hide and seek game took place between she and her brother along with Taurtis's friend Samuel Gladiator Winning the game they went into a dark plaster temple where their parents were transformed into piglets. Working as slaves for the witch Yubaba she developed a love interest for the spirit

Kuhaku River. Abused by Lin the medical head she escaped the spirit world hoping someday she would see Kuhaku again. As they arrived in Tokyo, Taurtis moved out attending 10th grade at Akademi Highschool while Chihiro stayed with her parents being only 10.

Profile Edit

Name: Chihiro Oguni-Gladiator

Age: 10

Weight: 71lbs

Height: 4'8

Species: Human

Crush: Kuhaku River