The Chupacabra is a mythical beast from Mexico that somehow made it’s way in Tokyo. The Chupacabra first appeared early on in the series being responsible for killing Senor Loro’s goats. Senor Loro soon tried to hunt down the Chupacabra after Sam and Taurtis got the information from Jorje The Goat. The Chupacabra was able to escape the wrath of Senor Loro, Sam and Taurtis though. In Episode 16, The Chupacabra killed Teacher Tori and decapitated her in her classroom. The Chupacabra in a disguise was soon hired by Senor Loro as Teacher Tori’s replacement calling himself Teacher ChuPa. ChuPa then taught history in Tori’s old classroom but these lessons soon turned to morph into satanic rituals trying to summon Cthulhu so he could win the jackpot in the lottery. He was indirectly responsible for Sam, Taurtis 2, Grian, sillyjilly, Jorje the Goat, and Jamberite’s transfer to the Alternate Timeline. It is assumed that the alternate timeline ChuPa shares many of the same characteristics, history and traits as the main timelines ChuPa. It is assumed he dies in the universal timeline zombie outbreak.