Dane is a child who was late for a new year at Akademi High School. Samuel Gladiator and Taurtis were told by Okami Amy Artifex-Jiri Née Artist to bring Dane to school. It was his birthday and he even got a good surprise from Rowan Artifex who gave him a giant cake. It was cut short when Mr. Dorito interrupted although the day ended smoothly.

Personal Information
Full Name Dane
Also Known As eonic
Age 7
Status Alive
Friend(s) Invader Blart

Samuel Gladiator Taurtis (Joey)

Enemy(ies) Dom Rao Dorito

Mr. Dorito

Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 4'5
Weight 52lbs
First Appearance Yandere High School - BIRTHDAY! (Minecraft Roleplay) SPECIAL
Last Appearance Yandere High School - BIRTHDAY! (Minecraft Roleplay) SPECIAL

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