Dom Rao Dorito was the rich


son of Mister Dorito. He spends numerous amounts of hats. His trademark is. Ayyyyyyy! He has been disowned by his father who threw him out of their house after discovering about his kiss with Sam. After this event he lived under the bridge near . Dorito's Headquarters. He was given pennies from Sam and now occupies a dumpster. DomRao is quite short for his age so if anyone mentions his height he may go into a small hissy-fit. This may have been because of his bullying days when his was still living with his father which made him more and more angry until he was released from his grasp and was kicked out of the Mr. Dorito Residence. After being disowned, Dom developed great parkour skills, reaching impossible jumps and climbing up many objects.

After witnessing the Yuki Incident, he was forced to move to Tokyo, and still lived in Sam, Taurtis, and Grian's dumpster, until he spotted a large trash pile, and moved there.


Dom has brown hair and black eyes, with bushy eyebrows. He is seen wearing a purple hat throughout most of both series. He also has offset nipples.

Profile Edit

Name: Dom-Rao

Age: 16

Weight: 175lbs

Height: 5'5

Species: Human

Crush: Sam (Formerly, As Samantha) Taurtis (Joey), ( formerly, as Taurissa), Invader (One-sided)