Personal Information
Full Name Elyze Weston
Also Known As Elsie(by Gizzy)
Date of Birth December 25th
Age  ??
Status Alive
Friend(s) Roborto, Hyashi, Bob
Enemy(ies) Professor Weston, Sam, Gizzy
Love Interest(s) None Yet...
Physical Description
Gender Female (Allegedly)
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Yellow
Height 5'9
Weight 117lbs
First Appearance THE WORLD RESET
Last Appearance Tokyo Soul 2: CRAZY GYM CLASS
Elyze is the purple-haired, yellow eyed child of Professor Weston. She is first seen standing outside with her trusty Robot, Roborto whom was apparently gifted to her by her father. Elyze bears a striking resemblance to Ellen.

Elyze is seen to be student who wears the standard females student uniform beneath a black cloak of some sort. She is one of the few people who dons a Gas Mask when attending Weston's Science Class, probably due to their craggy relationship. More importantly, however, she seems to be a cultist of some sort, possibly the leader of the secret sect. Their goal is not currently known, but they seem to worship the "Old Blue" and attempt to reach the "Worlds Past" that her father speaks of.

Biography Edit

Her upbringing has not been depicted upon, but she seems to have a rough relationship with her father. The two appear to have a shared goal, but approach it with different means. Elyze using black magic and relying on the occult whereas her father utilizes science and relies on the assistance of an Elite Squadron of some sort.

As a student, Elyze is relatively harmless and tends to her classes like the rest of the children. However, as a cult leader she is an extremist, going as far as attempting to kill a minion, and even threatening Sam & Gizzy when they attempt to save him -- all just to complete her objective.

It should also be noted that Gizzy found Goat's Blood in her locker, shaped like a cross.

Elyze's Notes Edit

  • We have to find a way out of here. The "Wall" that keeps our spirits trapped in this plane of existence... No matter how often they die, they come back. The people, the souls... Sacrificial wall. The spirit is never free. The air is contaminated with "???" Whatever ??? is. Sacrifice a minion..? Minion contain "???" for some reason. If we exceed 100 maybe it will change. 100 deaths? 100 sacrifices? The animals also come back...? This world is strange. And the worst part is... nobody... even...


  • Elyze is the only student to wear a cloak over her uniform.
  • Despite her violent orders, she herself does not pursue Sam & Gizzy during the confrontation, letting them walk by her. She may just be lazy or privileged.
  • According to a twitter post by Ellen, Elyze's name is a shout-out to the band Sound Horizon. The character being named after Elise whom is sometimes dubbed as 'Elyze' by the fans.[1]
    • In that same twitter post, it also mentions that Elyze was not intended to be cultist initially, and that she was fitted into that atmosphere later on during the planning phase of Tokyo Soul Season 2.