Officer Flare is the favorite of Mrs. Okami in the Police Force. He is considered a very experienced cop that actually is quite intelligent. He was first seen in Episode 25 of Tokyo Soul where he caught Grian jay-walking. He attempted to fine them. Later when the Madagascan Mafia allied with the Yakuza and other Mobsters to start a new production line of Special Sugar. JinBop was forced by Papa Luigi to deliver the drugs to Old Kurokuma. He was caught by Flare and chased until the officer lost him. Later on Flare was the escort for Sam and Grian to meet Okami due to an Alien Invasion. When Taurtis was kidnapped by the Tokyo Mobster Gang due to Jin not paying them money, Sam and Grian in a desperate attempt to find ¥2,000,000 ($20,000) they bought Alien Masks from Billy which was recorded by a customer at the SUPER Super Market. Flare got the evidence and arrived in time when the disguised Sam and Grian made their way into the store killing Christina, Bob, and two unidentified cops. While Flare had mixed feelings about the crime he took Sam and Grian to his base where he hooked up Grian with a wire to go and meet with the Mafia. They took out all except Mobster Garfunkle. It turned out that they hadn't even rescued Taurtis. It was Jerry the entire time who the mobsters had just picked up Jerry off the street because he looked like Taurtis.

Personal Information
Full Name Officer Flare
Also Known As Officer
Age 46
Status Alive
Friend(s) Tommy

Samuel Gladiator Taurtis Jin Jerry Pufferfish Pete Mrs. Okami Artist Silly Swat15 Swat85 Danjobro Unnamed Deceased SWAT Member

Enemy(ies) Bon

Tommy Bernasconi Garfunkle Tiffany Randy Lard Bruno Geode B-Scotch Lester Jenkins Kurokuma

Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Height 6'1
Weight 184lbs
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - A NEW FRIEND! #25 (Minecraft Roleplay)