A resident of the Kingdom of Valor, he was publicly executed for consuming Prince Ralph's mini-ravioli's; allegedly.

In truth, Grian had been the one to consume the Prince's ravioli. Upon discovering this, Taurtis attempted to alert the Prince, but was stopped.

Personal Information
Full Name Gaston Bellywart
Also Known As Mini Ravioli Thief
Age 29
Status Alive
Friend(s) Clavier
Enemy(ies) Prince Ralph

Rigoletto Wilfred the Wet Knight Alicia Grian *Unknowingly*

Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Sky Blue
Height 5'6
Weight 175lbs
First Appearance The Kingdom of Valor - INTO THE UNKNOWN! #1 (Fantasy Minecraft Roleplay)


Before being accused as a criminal, Gaston was a man who feared leaving the walls of Valor and the monsters that tread beyond it. He was a law-abiding citizen and breadmaker. He was single and unloved from the beginning to the end. His bread tasted like poop, allegedly. He is also the inventor of Sink Wine, which is sold at the inn.