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"Um, Is there anything else I need to know? No? Alright!"
Personal Information
Full Name HiImHatty
Also Known As Hatter (his real name)
Date of Birth 4/3/13
Age Supposed to be 4 but happens to be 13
Friend(s) I'llSaveUHatty (prisoner), GoldieWhale (Goldie), WithMom (mom), HattiePlayz (Hattie), HatterPlayzANDRECRDZ (Hatter) CattyTheKitty (Catty).
Enemy(ies) Evil cats
Love Interest(s) Hatter??? No, I mean Ruby.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Has no hair, is just a marshmallow.
Eye Color Green, green and blue, Green and red, red when about to snap.
Height Very tall
Weight Not much
First Appearance Tokyo Soul (new) New Beginning!
Last Appearance Tokyo Soul Season Finale