Humans are a sapient race of Earth and have skin tones ranging from pale white to dark brown. They live on all parts of the world and they commonly grow hair of all natural primary colours and shades

Hair Colour: Red, Black, White, Grey, Purple, Brown, Yellow, Auburn

Eye Colour: Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Green, Hazel

Lifespan: 100-200 years (average 120)


-Rowan Artifex

-Okami Amy Artifex-Jiri Née Artist


-Chihiro Oguni

-Samuel Gladiator (Half Rabbit)

-Taurtis "Joey" Gladiator

-Mega Necra Artifex-Jiri

-Salex Shana-Chan Brown

-Chan Yandere



-Gracie Zha Ru

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