Igbar Von Squid was a former slave of Broettinger back in America. He was born in the Rhine River on the Swiss-German Border. He is a non-believer in Gord and was thrown into a punishment hole at the Desert Town Church. He eventually got out and freed himself from Broettinger who had then most likely become bankrupt due to his shop being completely robbed by Sam and Taurtis. He made his way to Tokyo where he became friends with Shana. He apparently has vast knowledge of the large city. He was best friends with Sans who he finds annoying sometimes due to his horrible puns.

Igbar von Squid
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Personal Information
Full Name Igbar Von Squid
Also Known As Slave
Age Over 18
Status Fused with Cthulhlu
Friend(s) Shana-Chan

Sam Taurtis Grian Sans Shana-Chan

Enemy(ies) Broettinger Cringy George
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red (Left) Black (Right)
Height 5'3
Weight 44lbs
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - New Beginning! (Minecraft Roleplay)

Background Edit

He was born in the Rhine River on the Swiss-German Border. Due to being a squid he had free roam of the sea and eventually made his way to America where he was enslaved by Broettinger and worked labor in a weapons shop.

The Treasure in the West Edit

Igbar was first seen when Sam and Taurtis were going to Broettingers shop (To be continued)

Tokyo Soul Edit

It is not known how long he has been in Tokyo, but presumably long enough to know his way around the dark alleys at night. Typically, he spends his days going to school, and returning home to create YouCrab Poops of Grian.

During Sam and Grian's time working at the Superstore, Cringy George expresses interests in magazines pertaining to tentacle play, which gets a silent yet intensely disturbed reaction from the Cephalopod.


  • His actor along with Sanslr's are both members of Wynncraft, a server owned by Grian.