The Inagawa-kai (稲川会) is the third largest of Japan's yakuza groups, with approximately 15,000 members. It is based in the Kantō region, and was one of the first yakuza organizations to begin operating overseas. It was led by a successful gambler, Galaxy Mettaton who with all the money she saved up from playing Poker. Won a trip to Disneyland. Zita left after realizing that there was no point in her serving the Yakuza. However unlike galaxy she couldn't escape Japan and was thought to be killed by Mrs. Okami Artist or other government figures. The last remaining member was Star Finder who was powerless without his leader. He simply ran into Crabman Carl's shop which at the time was being managed by Fishking Freddy. He was about to steal the shop's inventory but he was stopped when Taurtis shot off his head with an incredibly powerful gun known as the Dragon's Wings. All members were gone and the Inagawa-kai division of the Yakuza was no more. Though

Members Edit

Led By: Galaxy Mettaton Monstero (Left Organization) Edit

Zita Art (Left Organization but was hunted down by Special Weapons and Tactics Organization members. Lived and rejoined under the call of Yuki) Edit

Star Finder (Killed by Taurtis (Joey)) Edit