Invader Blart is a student from Canada and is the daughter of policeman Paul Blart.

She has a monster crush on Samgladiator and is very clingy to her ex boyfriend. She also has a medical condition causing her to have a thick ever-growing beard.

She also has a Senpai Shrine for Sam, with his saliva, Old Gamecrab and his old teddy bear.

Invader Blart
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Personal Information
Full Name Invader Blart
Also Known As InvaderGaming


Age 17
Status Alive
Enemy(ies) Karu

Sacred Redstone Zita Art Marthy Neo Naxet Star Finder Yuki

Love Interest(s) Dom Rao Dorito (Ex-Boyfriend)

Samuel Gladiator (Boyfriend)

Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde (Scalp)

Black (Facial)

Eye Color Black
Height 6'3
Weight 9999999blts
First Appearance Yandere High School - FIRST DAY! (Minecraft Roleplay) #1