J, or referring to himself as J The Star is a billionaire student at Akademi High School.

He has over 60 cars and he wears blue glasses for distance and reading. He has a brown bowl cut and loves Manga. He is the best friend of Sam and he supposedly is butt buddies with Jayteeyes

Profile Edit

Name: Joakim Star

Age: 17

Species: Human

Weight: 132lbs

Height: 5'8

Crush: Chan Yandere, or maybe just money. He loves money. Watch the show he just loves money. And cars. He also likes cars.



J can be both a coward and someone brave. He is good friends with Sam, Taurtis, and Grain being the only other one to attend the 3 formers christmas party. He has been know to try to break in to buildings. As said, he is very rich and has many cars and lots of money witch he sometimes gives to Sam and Taurtis