Jamberite is a receptionist and waitress at SushiWushi and a student at Tokyo Soul highschool. She enjoys her job and is friends with Pufferfish Henry. She is good friends with Tsuzumi and the two often hang when out of school. Igbar Von Squid has a slight disliking to her due to that she works with filleting and preparing fish at her restaurant.

Personal Information
Full Name Jamberite
Also Known As Jamberite
Age 17
Status Alive
Friend(s) Pacific

Tsuzumi Yee

Enemy(ies) Igbar Von Squid (Possibly)
Love Interest(s) Dama-kun (Ex-boyfriend)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Height 5'4
Weight 128lbs
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - NEW BEGINNING! (Minecraft Roleplay)


She first appeared on episode 1 where Sam and friends were waiting for Kiyu at SushiWushi. When Sam and friends go home it's revealed that she is one of Sam's neighbors. (Currently she is living with her older brother, seen recording her video for Youcrab). She appeared again to help kill the chupacabra.


  • She almost appeared in every episode.
  • She is member of the Girls Team.
  • She and Dama-kun were broke up in episode 13 for some unknown reason.
    • In the previous episode she appeared go out together with him.
  • Igbor is her rival.