Personal Information
Full Name Jane Nightman
Also Known As "My Wife"
Age Over 18
Status Killed by Yuki
Enemy(ies) Yuki
Love Interest(s) Professor Gareth Nightman (Husband/Divorced)
Physical Description
Gender Female
First Appearance _Yandere High School - FIRST DAY! (Minecraft Roleplay) #1 (Mentioned Only)
Last Appearance _Yandere High School - SEASON FINALE! (Minecraft Roleplay) #80 (The End)_ (Mentioned Only)

Jane was the wife of Professor Gareth Nightman. Though she was killed by Yuki which caused her husband to go into depression. Gareth would later kill himself the same year. Jane was later mentioned my Majo Ellen when Gareth possessed Pepe Frogman speaking in tongues and asking who killed his wife. He repeatedly accused Taurtis.