Jangus Lipperbottom also known as

Dr. Nurse MD
703657-dr. mario
Personal Information
Full Name Jangus Lipperbottom
Also Known As Doctor Nurse MD

Nurse MD DrNurseMD Jangus

Age 29
Status Alive
Friend(s) One Punch Boi (Greentama)

Principal Yeb Oddly Large Baby Taurtis Jerry Arthur III Garfunkle (Hospital Patient) Unidentified Mahouka Clan Hospital Patient Kristov Gumbo Beard Star Gumbo Paul Blart Invader

Enemy(ies) Grian

Sam TR-8R (Taurtis Clone) Geode

Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Height 5'1
Weight 144lbs
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - TEACHER TORI! (Minecraft Roleplay)
Dr. Nurse MD, is the nurse at Tokyo-Soul Highschool He is actually not a doctor and has no knowledge of medical skills, It is actually unknown if his PHD is even real. He is apparently from Mexico. He has a strong disliking to most of his students calling them "weirdos" repeatedly. He targets Grian even more often however calling him "Mr. Boy-Man". He was employed to the high school by Principal Yeb. Jangus has low intelligence and even believes "Egyptians Invented Food". He was a friend of Paul Blart and is like a non-biological uncle to Invader. He works part time at a hospital where he is friends with many elderly patients