Jerry (Taurtis clone)
Personal Information
Full Name Jerry
Also Known As Taurtis clone, Retarded Taurtis
Status Alive
Friend(s) Doughboi, Sam, Taurtis, Grian, Other clones
Enemy(ies) Alt-Dimension Jerry, Geode?
Love Interest(s) Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - BUY A TAURTIS! #16 (Minecraft Roleplay)
Last Appearance Tokyo Soul - ITS A WASTE LAND! (Minecraft Roleplay) S2 EP 24 [Season End]

Jerry is a failed Taurtis clone made by Geode. This is not the Jerry from Yandere High School, but rather, he possesses Taurtis' memories up to the point in time where the alter ego Jerry was first conceived. Instead of a T on his back, there is a sloppily drawn J. One of Jerry's eyes is lowered by 2 pixels.

Though Jerry might not seem that dangerous at first glance, it is know that he has pretty great physical capabilities. Accomplishing feats such as being able to hold a giant sword with 1 hand, and having once hugged and old man to death.

Jerry's situation is currently unkown, seen last in the destroyed dimension.


Jerry is a clone made during the Moondrip ceremony. He was one of the few surviving clones who ended up being adopted by Sam, Grian and Taurtis. he was adopted with Taurtis 69(2), Taurissa 00, Taurtis 626, and Taurtis 2. Unfortunately, his brethren were killed by their expiration dates.

Jerry is mostly known for his impeded speech and a rip-off Tauritos called Jerrykats (or Jerry cets...) which has been noted to taste of feces.

Due to budget cuts in the school, Principal Yeb capitalized on saving funds by employing Jerry to replace the now-absent Helena as a gym teacher. Much to the educational systems dismay.