Kiyu is a student at Tokyo-Soul Highschool. She is ditzy and commonly confused. Though she claims to be a professional. She's an amateur at her job as an escort for the Japan Witness Protection Progam.

Personal Information
Full Name Kiyu
Also Known As Kiyu
Age 16
Status Alive
Friend(s) Samuel Gladiator

Dom Rao Dorito Taurtis (Joey) Teacher Tori Helena Señor Loro Igbar Von Squid Jamberite One Punch Boi (Greentama)

Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color White (Right Eye) Pink (Left Eye)
Height 5'2
Weight 119lbs
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - New Beginning! (Minecraft Roleplay)

Kiyu is claimed to be a Sekigan no Gūru, a one eyed ghoul, which is the reason for her wearing an eyepatch.

Apparently she is a friend of Yuki's from Middle School, affiliating with one another due to their non-human aspects.


Yuki (actor) herself has confirmed that Kiyu and Yuki are not the same character: that they were apparently friends in middle school.Twitter Post