Personal Information
Also Known As Ching-Chong (By Sam and Shine
Age Late teens to mid 20s
Status Alive
Enemy(ies) Sam
Love Interest(s) Nearly everyone he meets. Thinks everyone is a woman
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Chestnut
Eye Color Indeterminable (Eyes are too small to reveal Iris color)
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - CRAZY DREAM! (Minecraft Roleplay) S2 Ep 9

L'Homme is a student of Sam and Shine's new school after the omniversal reset. He is the great-nephew of the school's gym teacher, Laz, whom he refers to as "Grunkle." He claims to be African despite his name being French for "The Man." He is believed to be a ching-chong ling long (Asian) by Sam and Einshine|Shine, Chinese specifically. He has great athletic ability unlike his great-uncle and wears the pelt of a bear that used to be the rug of Teacher Jordan's.


  • He suffers from Lockjaw like Galaxy.
    • He is possibly the Neo-Tokyo reincarnation of Galaxy.