Mr. Snugglemuffins is the leader of the Snugglemuffins gang and is Sam's teddy bear

He is actually all in Sam's imagination which shows that Sam is somewhat delusional.

Mr. Snugglemuffins
Personal Information
Also Known As Snugglemuffin
Status Given to Yuki by Sam. Never returned considering how only Yuki's knife was confiscated. When Yuki was killed his corpse vanished from sight. A safe assumption is the body was taken by the Police who came to the School and the teddy bear was examined. Never returned to Sam and remains in Japan Crime Archives
Physical Description
Gender Female (Claimed by Sam)
Hair Color Chestnut Blonde (Artificial Fur)
Eye Color Brown
Height 0'11
Weight 3lbs
First Appearance Yandere High School - SHOW AND TELL! (Minecraft Roleplay) #2
Last Appearance Yandere High School - INTERROGATION! (Minecraft Roleplay) #69

Background Edit

Sam stated that he had had Snugglemuffins "forever" and it was always his favorite toy.

Appearance Edit

Snugglemuffins is a stuffed bear made out of what appears to be "Chestnut Blonde" Artificial Fur. Snugglemuffins has 2 plastic eyes. It appears to have a brown thread nose and a slightly defined cute mouth, Mr. Snugglemuffins has a bright red bow on his chest, similar to the ones on Sailor Fuku school uniforms.

Personality Edit

Considering how Snugglemuffins isn't actually a sentient being, It has none. However Sam most likely thinks it does

Biography Edit

Gareth Arc Edit

He first brought Snugglemuffins to school for Show and Tell where he was booed and dissed by his classmates causing Sam to cry. He fled into the School Library but in exchange for ¥1,000 offered by Gareth he returned to class. Later in Gym Class, He didn't want Snugglemuffins to get wet and asked the abusive Gym Teacher Rowan to hold on to him. Rowan simply through the stuffed animal over the fence. To comfort Sam, Gareth brought him a new one.

Episodes 4-62 Edit

At an unknown point in time. It was found by Invader. Due to her obsession with Sam, she stole the bear and placed it on her "Sam Senpai Shrine".

Italian Arc Edit

When Sam was looking for a new house, He was guided by FishKingFreddy to Invader's apartment where Sam found her shrine. He quickly took multiple items that belonged to him including bottles of his saliva.

Episodes 63-69 Edit

During the time of spying on the Yakuza Members, Sam held on to both teddy bears

Yakuza Arc Edit

When about to capture Yuki, Sam baited him with the original Snugglemuffins which Yuki fell for. When being interrogated, The only items Yuki turned in were his phone and knife.

Episodes 71- Present Edit

It remained in possession of Yuki although when he committed suicide none of his remains were shown. If the corpse was recovered by the Police, then it would have been analyzed and stored in archives considering how they would have no way of being able to contact Sam even if they found his DNA on the bear, he is in Tokyo under witness protection. Yuki and Invader's DNA would also be there but if Invader was discovered she would have been interrogated. Most likely meaning they only found Sam and Yuki's which they couldn't do anything about