Marthy was a member of the Sumiyoshi-kai division of the Yakuza. Originally he served under Storm Form but after his death leadership was passed onto Neo Naxet. Marthy was constantly addicted to the Cocaine he deported and consumed. Eventually while high in an abandoned house, He was arrested by Paul Blart and briefly placed in the Insanity Room. He then served community service with Neo Naxet. He was going to have a long sentence but he was pardoned for his crimes and placed into house arrest under close government watch. He has medium length blonde hair and an average build. Later in the final episode, He was contacted by Yuki to exact revenge against Grian, Taurtis (Joey), and Samuel Gladiator. He was supposedly injured when Dom Rao Dorito flung a fishing rod into the cross fire. It split open his body drawing blood. He was tangled and he lost his balance, plummeting to his death on the concrete ground.

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Profile Edit

Name: Marthy

Age: 40

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Weight: 184lbs

Height: 5'7

Crush: Galaxy Mettaton

Debut: GANG LIFE! #57