Mister Dorito is the owner of the Doritos company after the death of Arch West. He mass produces Doritos but is somewhat rivaled by a pirated company created by Taurtis, Tauritos. He is revealed to be homophobic after he disowned his own son, Dom for having kissed Sam, whom at the time was disguised as a girl. His residence is in Buraza Town after he kicked out Sam and Taurtis from their house & made it his main HQ for Doritos. When Dom was disowned, he started making YouCrab videos, he mostly played Roblox. He abused his son, but Dom was a rebel and apparently "made him have a boo boo on his knee". He is very stubborn and even bought Akademi High School briefly during Christmas Break.

Mr. Dorito
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Personal Information
Full Name Mr. Dorito
Also Known As Mr. Dorito
Age 44
Status Alive
Enemy(ies) Samuel Gladiator,

Dom Rao Dorito, Majo Ellen, Chan Yandere, Yuki, Grian, Taurtis (Joey),

Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Black
Height 4'9
Weight 132lbs
First Appearance Yandere High School - LOVE IN THE AIR! (Minecraft Roleplay) #26
Last Appearance Yandere High School - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! (Minecraft Roleplay) FINAL