Okami was born into the Artist family in 1980. She has shown most signs of coming from Asia being born in Japan though she has stated that her entire family was British. She raised Silly and Mega with Rowan Artifex in Vietnam during the war.

She is very caring to others, and loves to read.

She started to teach at the school after Gareth's suicide, but soon was loved by all students for being the most amazing teacher! She is seen in the last episode of Yandere High School Season 1, crying over her husband's death, and was happy (SPOILER) that Yuki committed suicide. She later managed the Japan Witness Protection Program and safely entered Samuel Gladiator, Taurtis (Joey), Dom Rao Dorito, and Grian.

She latter apears with her daughter Silly and Pufferfish Pete when she contacts Sam, Taurtis and Grian when she needs their help taking down Professor Geode Rocks to prevent his alien invasion plan.

Profile Edit

Full Name: Okami Artifex Jiri Name: Mrs.Okami Age: 37

Weight: 141lbs

Height: 5'3

Species: Human

Crush: Rowan Artifex (Husband)

Occupation: Teacher, Swat Team member