Nick,Ordering his Subordinates to Breach in

Personal info:


Alias:”Left handman”(Hinted)

Age:Around 20



Story: He was the 2nd I command for the group,he was first seen crouching in the main gate with Logan and Jay.After breaching so many doors with Sam and Logan he than receive a intel from Logan that Marcus and Jay was introubled.He and the rest of him group rush to the main door to regroup however Jay and Marcus was long dead Was too late.later when the remaining team was searching the upper floor Sam found Jay’s dead head and was disgusted over Sam putting Jay’s Head on.

Later Nick found a passage with Sam and Logan but however when Logan and Sam went in Nick was suddenly locked outside by the mansion itself and was Dragged to be infected.later after the door was unlocked Sam and Logan found Nick’s body that was tormented however he was infected and tried to attack Sam with extreme power but was shot later by Logan


Sam: Even though Nick see him as a leader,Nick was disgusted that Sam put on Jay’s Head on him

Logan: The two was worried about each other and when Nick was shot by Logan he seems to be sad nodding down

Jay: The two see each other as respected comrades and when Jay was troubled by the mansion Nick was also rushing to the main hall to wait for them

Marcus: Nothing much known for the two of them since the two didn’t interact much but however Marcus respect Nick as we see that nick ordered him,Jay and Logan to breach


Nick regrouped with his team