Personal Information
Full Name Nyarlaθotep
Also Known As The Crawling Chaos
Date of Birth None
Age 200
Status Eternal
Friend(s) Cthulhu, IgbarVonSquid, Necronomicon, Sam
Enemy(ies) Cthulhu, Sam, Aphmau, Taurtis, Grian
Love Interest(s) Cthulhu (Love/Hate)
Physical Description
Gender Gord
Hair Color Rainbow
Eye Color Chaotic Purple
Height Infinite
Weight Varies
First Appearance #38: THE DARK LORD CTHULHU
Last Appearance #47: MONSTERS!
Nyarlaθotep (Nyarlathotep), known as the Crawling Chaos, is Cthulhu's right hand, cohort, attendant, belly dancer, and occasional source of amusement through torment. Adorned with strange clothing and multi-colored hair atop their pitch black skin, they are a very unique sort of existence.

Due to their currently feminine form, Cthulhu refers to them with female pronouns.

Biography Edit

Nothing is known of Nyarlaθotep's past, but when Sam brought up how they thought themselves to be a special snowflake who was possibly neglected by their mother, Nyarlaθotep ran off crying.

In the Human World, legends of their deeds yet remain. Hinting that they formed all of the evil organizations in the world, including the Mafia, Yakuza, and to a greater extent: the Illuminati.

When they were thrown into the Pit of Despair by Cthulhu, they exclaimed "Not again!" meaning that they were thrown in there once before and survived it. Alluding to the possibility that they may yet remain alive.

Personality Edit

Nyarlaθotep enjoys tormenting and belittling those weaker than they are, but are prone to fits of extreme anger when challenged. This fact accompanied along with them crying at Sam speaking of their mother hints that they may suffer from an inferiority complex. she is played by Majo Ellen they look alike Majo Ellen has yellow and purple eyes so does Nyarlathotep