One Punch Boi (Greentama) is a parody of the popular manga hero Saitama (One Punch Man). Sam once thought he was a super hero until realizing he was a high school student. On Sam, Taurtis, and Dom's first day of school, Greentama pointed out that Sam had Jaywalked Sam challenged him and the fight ended with Dom saying "Oh No! Not one punch!" as Greentama beat Sam nostalgically with one punch. He always seems to say the same excuse when he's late which is, "Sorry I'm late, I was too busy saving one hundred kittens from falling off a tree." He and Sam heavily dislike each other and he is one of Doctor Nurse MD's favorite students.

Skin OnePunchBoi
Personal Information
Full Name Greentama
Also Known As OnePunchBoi
Age 19
Status Alive
Friend(s) DoctorNurseMD

Damakun Jimmy

Enemy(ies) Sam
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown (Wears Bald Cap)
Eye Color Blue
Height 5'9
Weight 154lbs
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - TEACHER TORI! #3 (Minecraft Roleplay)