Paul Blart was a security guard at the Tokyo Mall. He was incredibly dumb but he did what he could to preserve order. He worked alongside Pufferfish Pete, Crabman Carl, Silly, Okami and Rowan Artifex.

He was the father of Invader Blart and his last name apparently meant "Fat" in Greek according to Invader.

He usually used a casual pistol as a weapon but was incredibly incapable of doing so.

Paul was known for spying on other characters in the series and wearing boxes and bushes on his head to conceal him from his targets.

Paul dies in one of the last three episodes. Yuki kills him

Paul Blart
Personal Information
Full Name Paul Blart
Also Known As Paul


Age 35 (Speculated by Samuel Gladiator)

123 (Speculated by Dom Rao Dorito)

Status Decapitated by Yuki


Friend(s) Pufferfish Pete

Rowan Artifex Silly Mrs. Okami Artist Dom Rao Dorito Grian Samuel Gladiator Taurtis (Joey)

Enemy(ies) Karu

Star Finder Yuki Neo Naxet Marthy

Love Interest(s) He's a pervert. Therefore. ANYONE HE SEES THAT IS NAKED.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Height 5'8
Weight 290lbs
First Appearance Yandere High School - DEATH! (Minecraft Roleplay) #7
Last Appearance Yandere High School - THE END IS HERE! (Minecraft Roleplay) #78