Pèpé Frogman is a frog that was genetically altered and experimented on to form a humanoid appearance. Where he came from is unknown though it is hinted among the pronunciation of his name (PEH-pay) that he is of french origin. At first he was very depressed and suicidal. He first appeared in Episode 29 during the Schoolgirls Saga. He eventually found a fedora that somehow made him upbeat and optimistic. At the School Prom he proposed to Pufferfish Patty. Though they are engaged the marriage was never announced

Personal Information
Full Name Pèpé Frogman
Also Known As Greenie
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Friend(s) Taurtis (Joey)

Samuel Gladiator

Enemy(ies) Pufferfish Pete

Galaxy Mettaton Monstero Star Finder Zita Art Sacred Redstone Dom Rao Dorito Neo Naxet Marthy

Love Interest(s) Pufferfish Patty (Fiancée)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Height 5'8
Weight 164lbs
First Appearance Yandere High School - TWO LITTLE SCHOOL GIRLS! (Minecraft Roleplay) #29
Last Appearance Yandere High School - CANT LEAVE THEM ALIVE! (Minecraft Roleplay) #71