Private jay,regroup with his team

Personal info:


Alias:”Private Jay”(By Logan)


Age:Around 20

Appearance:resident evil 7(Roleplay)


Trivia:He was played by Opidexmini

      He and Sam are the only one with no mask on

Story:Jay was the 3rd-man in the group that is responsible for checking rooms With Marcus.after finding out the Mansion’s information Sam told the group to regroup.They decide to split up,Marcus and Jay was partnered to find a Lever in the dining room while the rest follow Sam.After finding one lever with Marcus they Regrouped again with Sam however.once again Sam told the two partners to find more levers.When Sam got another passage room and was busy with shooting Ghosts.Jay scream in his radio and saying that he lose one of his soldiers.after the rest regroup only Jay’s group didnt regroup.after giving up on their group Sam’s group found Jay’s head in the upper floor of the dining room

And yes.... Sam put on his head...


Nick:Both of them seems to respect one another as we see when they breach towards the dining hall in the first floor

Marcus:When the team regroup Jay was partnered up with Marcus the 5thman of the group.Jay respect him as a Comrade and Marcus respect him also as a comrade

Logan:Both of them seems to be the only Radioman In the team.They communicate with their radio often but when Jay was dying Logan was worried

Sam:Jay seems very loyal towards his Seniors including Sam.however after Jay’s death his head was wore by Sam disrespectfully


Sam,Nick and Logan found Jay’s Head tormented bloodily