Gareth Nightman was a depressed widower from The Wales. He taught fundamental skills at Akademi Highschool before he found the remains of his divorced wife, Jane Nightman Née Fox in his house and fell into endless depression. He committed suicide via hanging after leaving a note stating that "I didn't kill my wife, And the homework is in that chest"

He returned to haunt the school as a ghost and even wandered back to his house to possess Pepe Frogman. An exorcism was preformed by Majo Ellen however stopping the mental invasion. Gareth then returned to haunt the school along with Salex.In SEASON FINALE, Gareth was then being seen and congralutes Sam ,Taurtis and Grian for killing Yuki to know who is the murderer of his wife.He said that he can finally be at peace and then flys into the night sky.

Profile Edit

Name: Gareth Nightman Edit

Age: 41

Weight: 185lbs

Species: Human

Height: 5'8

Born: 1974

Died: 2015

Crush: Jane