Puffer fish patty yandere hs fanart by mukurua-d9cp3qx

Pufferfish Patty is the daughter of Pufferfish Pete. She goes to Akademi High School like Taurtis and Sam. She started school with a crush on Pepe Frogman, who is disliked by her father, Pufferfish Pete. They both dated but the father did everything to make them break up. There has been a long war between frogs and fishes. Pepe and Patty's relationship might be the cure to this war. At the Prom, Pepe propose to Patty. She agreed and they were engaged. Their wedding hasn't happened as of 11/23/2015. She likes to have gay sex with her mate, Xariaxx.

Profile Edit

Name: Pufferfish Patty

Age: 14

Species: Pufferfish

Weight: 91lbs

Height: 5'1

Crush: Pepe Frogman (Fiancée)

Played by: Fyranchise, KitKatGayFaggot