Pufferfish Pete is a jack-of-all-trades anthropomorphic Pufferfish. He is also the father of Pufferfish Patty and many other children. Although Patty and a disowned son who Hidden adopted named "Pufferfish Henry" who now resides as a chef at SushiWushi in Tokyo. He is the leader of the Police Force as a commissioner. His personal bodyguards/right hand men are Mrs. Okami Artist and Commander Danjobro.

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Personal Information
Full Name Pufferfish Pete
Age 41
Status Alive
Friend(s) Sam

Danjobro Taurtis Grian Carl Freddy Stuart Okami Flare Paul Blart Invader Bob Tommy Many Unidentified Policemen Im_Seb Silly Swat85 Swat15 Many Unidentified SWAT Members Rowan Artifex Petal

Enemy(ies) Karu

Mama Papa Geode Star Neo Galaxy Sacred Unidentified Mahouka Clan Hospital Patient B-Scotch Jenkins Lester Kurokuma Randy Lard Mobster_Tiffany Bruno Bon_Pepe Unidentified Mahxia Clan Special Sugar Dealer Stormform Mobster_Garfunkle Papa_Luigi Tommy Bernasconi

Love Interest(s) Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
Height 6'5
Weight 209lbs
First Appearance Yandere High School - A FIGHT! (Minecraft Roleplay) #10