Salex was a 3rd year highschool student who was murdered by Yuki. She was a very energetic person. She first appeared in Manga Club! However she did not have her turquoise streak. She was Taurtis's girlfriend and used logic to solve problems. She keeps wandering in the school at night in form of a ghost. Taurtis once came to school and asked her who killed her, but she didn't give him an answer. All she said was: "The killer still lurks through the school". Later it was discovered that Yuki ran over her. Before Salex was about to ascend to the sky, she thanked Taurtis for avenging her death, and kisses him, telling him that he will always have a place In her heart.


Appearance Edit

Salex has long brown hair with some that comes over her shoulders with also a turquoise strand on the end of the left side of her bangs. Salex also has the standard white seifuku.

Profile Edit

Name: Salex Brown

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Weight: 135lbs

Height: 5'4

Species: Human

Crush: Taurtis (boyfriend)

First seen in: Manga Club! (talking to Taurtis on the playground)