Seb is the best friend and mentor of Pie-Lord. He is very curious yet somewhat considered a dunce. In the Yakuza Attack on Buraza Town he was under orders of Paul Blart to assist the citizens. In his first day working as a cop attempting to save Grian, his arms were sliced clean off by Sacred Redstone. They were replaced by cybernetics making himself somewhat of a cyborg. Later while apprehending the Yakuza gang he was shot in the heart by the Yakuza Leader Karu. He was nursed back to health and appeared walking to school along with Paul.

Keralis by matiz1994-d6ij2if
Personal Information
Full Name Seb
Also Known As Robocop
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Over 372 Minecraft Years
Status Alive
Friend(s) Pie-Lord
Enemy(ies) Karu

Yuki Neo Naxet

Love Interest(s) Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
Height 6'1
Weight 160lbs (200 with Cybernetics)