The "Snugglemuffin Gang" originated as a lie from Samuel Gladiator and his Teddy Bear who he always imagined to be real. He stated that while in prison for being framed for beating up Dom Rao Dorito, He joined a gang while in his cell called "The Snugglemuffin Gang". Later in _Yandere High School - CROSS DRESSING! #24 (Minecraft Roleplay)_ Sam conversed with his friend Taurtis (Joey) after learning that the Yakuza gang was on to them he stated that Lord Snugglemuffins would be able to combat against them. He later noted that JTStheDane would be a great addition to the gang due to his tough persona and animal hunter background. Later fans considered the Fire Fight later on in the series to be "Yakuza Gang versus Snugglemuffin Gang"

Members Edit

Samuel Gladiator

Taurtis (Joey)

Lord Snugglemuffins