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Sookie Yaki Is the crush of Samuel Gladiator, she wears a blue school uniform, different from the other female students uniforms.

In the episode titled "MARRY ME!" (episode 22), she confessed that she is a Lesbian and dating Soul. She is generally very friendly with everyone.

Profile Edit

Full Name: Sookie Yaki

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Well Monster

Weight: 115lbs

Height: 5 foot 6

Crush: Soul (Girlfriend)

Personality: Lesbian, Shy, Kind


Biography Edit

Even with Sam trying any drastic tactic to win her heart, (when It's obvious she doesn't feel the exact same romantic feelings) she stills treat him nicely, but gets slightly uncomfortable by his (unusual) flirting.

Sooki lives In the same house with Soul, whom she shares a room with and Yuki, she's unaware of Yuki's true colors since she's forrbidden to enter his her room.

After Sam found out that Sookie was a Lesbian, he dressed himself as a female student named Samantha, trying to win her heart (but failed). Later, Sam broke Inside of Sookie's house with Taurtis to try to poison Soul, but Instead posion Sookie by accident.

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