Sookie Yaki Is the crush of Samuel Gladiator, she wears a blue school uniform, different from the other female students uniforms.

In the episode titled "MARRY ME!" (episode 22), she confessed that she is a Lesbian and dating Soul. She is generally very friendly with everyone.

Profile Edit

Full Name: Sookie Yakking

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Well Monster

Weight: 115lbs

Height: 5 foot 6

Crush: Sam (Boyfriend)

Personality:Shy, Kind


Biograph Sam wins Sookies heart and Soul gets jealous Edit

(when It's obviouSoul likes Sam and Soul tries to do evil things to Sam and Skookie

e finds out and gets mad so Skookie is not Souls friend anymegs) she stills ats esaSo m nicely, but gets slightly uncomfortabwith Souls iunusual) gosippg.

Sooki lives In the same house with Soul sadly whom she shares a room with and Yuki, she's unaware of Yuki's true colors since she's forrbidden to enter her room.

After Sam found out that Sookie wasnt Souls friend anymore he apologized and Soul didn't accept. Later, Soul broke into Sam and Taurtis's apartment and put poison in a drink and Sookie finds out.

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