Springtrap is a Human with psychotic mental visions. He was trapped inside an animatronic suit that resembled a rabbit. Other than that he is completely of unknown origins. He required close watch by security guards. He has a very big grudge against The Marionette and eventually ends up killing him. Springtrap contrls an army of animatronics called Nightmares. No one knows if they actually exist but they're real enough to slaughter others.

Springtrap by monopolymurder-d8qizzz
Personal Information
Full Name Springtrap
Also Known As Scrappy
Age Around 46 (Suit)

About 66 (Actual Body)

Status Escaped (Therefore assumed to be alive. Later found by sam as shown in FNAF NIGHTMARE Night 8. Suit was scrapped. The Human inhabiting the suit was most likely killed by Springlocks during this event. Therefore...


Enemy(ies) Samuel Gladiator

The Marionette The Mangle Rubert Donadl [Pancake Jin Nick Gizzy Gazza Ashley Mariee Taurtis (Joey)

Physical Description
Gender Presumed Male
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Olive Green
Height 8'4
Weight 462lbs
First Appearance Five Nights at Freddy's 2! Night 1 (Interactive Roleplaying) w/ Unstoppableluck (Minecraft)
Last Appearance Five Nights at Freddy's Nightmare - Night 8 (Minecraft Roleplay)