Storm Form was the leader of the Yakuza division, Sumiyoshi-kai. His main job was to smuggle Special Sugar.

Eventually he ran into one of his daughter's classmates, Samuel Gladiator who was broke along with his friend Taurtis. He lied saying he was a nice guy and gave them "special sugar" to sell. When they came across Okami Amy Artifex-Jiri Née Artist. The teacher immediately recognized it as Sumiyoshi-kai brand Cocaine. She hired Paul Blart to bust the Yakuza member with herself and her daughter Silly Artifex-Jiri. It was a success and Okami shot 7 rounds into Storm's head killing him within milliseconds.

Profile Edit

Name: Storm Form

Age: 525

Species: Fairy

Weight: 185lbs

Height: 6'3

Crush: None

Mysterious good looking man fur coat top hat surrounded cg4p103011c th

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