A mysterious person who occupies the alleyways and other undesirable, unsavory areas; currently known as the Suspicious Person, this man was seen exchanging sugar for pirated movies with the homosexual pirate Hashim near the Sushiwushi restaurant. Afterwards they proceeded to burn the money.

He is also seen with Nick, pulling pranks.

Suspicious Person
Personal Information
Full Name Unknown
Also Known As Suspicious Person
Age 17
Status Alive
Friend(s) Nick Hashim
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Yellow
Height 5'9
Weight 133lbs
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - Tokyo Soul - New Beginning! #1 (Minecraft Roleplay)

Personality Edit

Quiet and docile for someone who is likely a criminal. Their subtle ways should not be mistaken for good-behavior, for they are more likely than not suspicious!

Mysterious AppearancesEdit

The white haired person is first encountered in a back alley, exchanging sugar for pirated movies with Hashim. With a simple "Hey.." and a soft gaze, he watches Domrao catch fire, and an unfortunate Sam the ninja meet a similar incident moments after.

The character is not seen again until Sam & Co. are chasing after El Chupacabra in the sewers. In this encounter he is silent; running off when an aggressive Señor Loro begins to fire at the hooligan, explaining that he had been trying to sell Jorje some Special Sugar. Sam manages to land a shot, but he manages to escape all the same.

In several episodes after, he can be seen skulking the party in the shadows. Some times it's made note of such as when in the alleyway by Jinbop's new home, or in the window of Sushiwushi after the first SWAT operation. Other times he is more subtle, such as when stalking Kiyu in the first episode, or when Sam and Jerry were escorting Grian to the hospital.


In the Usagi Train Station, he and Nick decided to pull a prank where the trains exit was lit on fire via lighter and a bucket of lava to burn all escaping passengers. Unfortunately the plan seemed to have backfired as the duo's clothing caught ablaze and they were left scampering about to get it off. When the dirty act was put in question, he and Nick tried to keep a curious Sam from gazing in the pranks direction, but to no avail. The fires were put out before anyone (important) got hurt.

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