Taurissa 00
Personal Information
Full Name Taurissa
Also Known As Taurtis Clone, 00
Status Dead
Friend(s) Sam, Taurtis, Grian, Other clones
Enemy(ies) Geode
Love Interest(s) Dom (Nuisance)
Physical Description
Gender Male (Biologically, refers to self as female.)
Hair Color Black
First Appearance Tokyo Soul - TAURTIS SLAVES! #15 (Minecraft Roleplay)
Last Appearance Tokyo Soul - TEACHER CHUPA! #19 (Minecraft Roleplay)

Taurissa 00 (Originally known simply as Taurtis 00) is a failed Taurtis clone made by Geode. This is not the Taurissa from Yandere High School, but rather, he possesses Taurtis' memories up to the point in time where Taurtis and Sam had been cross-dressing. She wears a dress much like Sookie Yaki's own. Unlike when Taurtis had been wearing her dress however, Taurissa's hair is not a wig.

Taurissa is very tomboyish and upbeat. Saying things like "I dig it!" She is unfortunately sought after not only by her former pursuer Domrao, much to her disdain. But also Taurtis himself in a scheme to get a cheap girlfriend.

Despite initially being a boy, she still has her motherly side. Cooking breakfast for both Sam & Taurtis one fateful morning . . .


Taurissa is a clone made during the Moondrip ceremony, initially known as Taurtis 00. Judging by her serial number, she may in fact be the oldest of the clones manufactured. She was one of the few surviving clones who ended up being adopted by Sam and Taurtis. She was adopted with Taurtis 69(2), Taurtis 626, Jerry, and Taurtis 2.

Initially Taurtis 00, he became Taurissa after finding the blue dress within a barn after she and the other clones (except for Taurtis 69(2)) were locked away.

Taurtis 2 was smitten by her appearance, but the others still seemed to accept her as one of their own. She encourages the Taurtis to rebel against Sam, but never actually partakes in any forms of rebellion on her own.

She exploded one day after serving the boys breakfast...


  • Like the other Taurtis', she is traumatized of water.