Personal Information
Full Name Tsuzumi Mahxia
Also Known As Jason Fangirl
Date of Birth August 18th
Age 17
Status Alive
Friend(s) Sam Taurtis Jamberite
Enemy(ies) None
Love Interest(s) Jason (Crush), Has an unknown boyfriend.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Yellow
Height 5'7
Weight 133lbs
First Appearance THE SUPER STORE
Tsuzumi Mahxia is a young lady of a higher class residing in Tokyo. She is not a member of the Tokyo-Soul Highschool, being homeschooled.

Despite her social status, she is a very average girly girl; friendly and polite to even strangers as when approached by Taurtis she was quick to compliment his headphones.

She does however seems to have a darker side: wanting something to turn her boyfriend into a girl, visiting Sam's house to ask for Jason's saliva, and even going as far as to stalk Jason while on his date with Yee.

Biography Edit

A very lonely girl who goes on strolls for fun. She usually hangs out at the SUPER Super Market to shop and visit Jason.

The Mahxia family is one of two branched from Majo, the other being Mahouka. As such, Tsuzumi has the Majo clan's distinctive yellow eyes.

Jinbop's VisitEdit

At a tea shop that Sam, Taurtis. Grian and Jin visit. Both Tsuzumi and SunFishStuart can briefly be seen outside the window stalking the four, or perhaps spying on Professor Geode Rocks who is sitting near the quadrant and is conspiring against Earth.

It is also possible they were just cleaning the windows...


Tsuzumi is present during Sam and Grian's attempt at robbing the SUPER Super Market. She addresses the two as "ALIENS" and boldly tells them to leave Jason alone, despite the two bearing 50 cal. Sniper Rifles, exhibiting some courage. During the robbery, she slyly stays near the back in order to avoid giving the duo any money whatsoever.

She later escapes with Jason before the Police chasing sequence begins.