hey guys! omg it's been forver since i've . been on this page but hey im back now and checking out all of this stuff, this page had developed soooo much and im sooo proud! 

well as you can tell im not the only one whos been away, sam is now posting his amazing, what i call, the yandere follow up and omg who else is likeing it??? im enjoying it too! 

ohh and what were your thoughts on tokyo soul? i found it really cool! but of course thats old now and your all probably asking me to get back to the present! 

so guys, im going to start quizzes and i really need some helpers, ideas would be very well apprieciate it! 

MelMELODY23 (talk) 23:25, March 10, 2017 (UTC)thanks, from MelMelody!!!