Hey guys it me mel and im back here with  a fun quizz of te episode below for you guys! hope you enjoy! just awnser a, b or c! remember to suggest blog ideas to my user profile! tomorrow i will be doing a quizz on episode #22 of tokyo  soul! so make sure you check it out! ps. this is just for fun,you dont have to do it because there will be unfortunetly no prize, sorry but i will anouse a winnerover all.  so make sure you tally up your points beause than at te end of 5 quizzes i will get everyone to add up there scores, even though its all for fun!  

1. who got stuck on the course?

A. sam 

B. hashim

Tokyo Soul - GEODE'S DUNGEON! 21 (Minecraft Roleplay)

Tokyo Soul - GEODE'S DUNGEON! 21 (Minecraft Roleplay)

C. jerry 

2. what was geode's disguise? 

A. a hat 

B. a moustuche 

C. glasses 

3. what did tuartis say about asking questions?

A. dont be afraid to ask questions, theres no such thing as no questions

B. i dont like questions anyway! 

C. dont ask questions, unless its about the antidote 

awnser, abc in comments below!