ok everyone its the first quizz!!! ok please note that i will be having characters ask you questions, but its not accually them. ok ill be doing a quizz on episode #53. everyone enjoy!!! 

ME: ok the first person to ask a question is Sam. 

SAM: ok, who had there phone out during the dance battle?  Silly, grian or jerry? 

ME: ok next we have T......

TUARTIS: Me!!!!!! ok sam bored you huh? well my question is way better... who is smarter, me or jerry? 

ME: ok... next were very lucky to have... Grian. 

GRIAN: ok, so who spotted dom first? me, sam or jerry!  

me: ok that was the taste of the quizz, if you enjoy this quizz layout please comment if you have any suggestions also comment! thanks! 
Tokyo Soul - WE MESSED UP! 46 (Minecraft Roleplay)14:55

Tokyo Soul - WE MESSED UP! 46 (Minecraft Roleplay)

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