hello everyone! todays episode was about star wars! just like i said yesterday, its all for fun, i have re-thought about it and i dont think i will do the tally stuff. so yeah hope you enjoy! 

1.  was taurtis dressed in...

A. a costume 

B. wasnt dressed at all unshaved hair 

Tokyo Soul - STAR WARS! (Minecraft Roleplay) 1

Tokyo Soul - STAR WARS! (Minecraft Roleplay) 1

2. was grain locked up in...

A. a room 

B. the basement 

C. under the floor 

3. there are two people who have phones between these people, who?

A. jerry

B. sam

C. taurits

D. grain

( make sure you watch carefully when there all infront of the tv)

ok, remeber comments below and yeah! hope you enjoy!