HELLO LOYAL FANS OF SAMGLADIATOR (or one of his co-stars I guess..? I dunno.) AND WELCOME TO MY GEHENA!

My name is -- well you all know me better as Majo Ellen! So refer to me as that!

Today I prettified my profile because weeeeeeeeee~ And donated some information out of generosity to the wiki. Since you know, keeping it true to the Grand Blue, but still giving the fans freedom to write their interpretations of events, is what I really enjoy about this setting.

So! Lets cut down to it.

The last few recordings, I've had to take the role of Teacher Jordan from Jorrae since he's been AKF, and I fear I may be stuck with this role on a more permanent basis. So yaay, that's fun... ;-;" (Hence why Elyze is absent during 1st period. We'll say she goes to another class for 1st period, da?)

But on a positive note, I'm really having fun coming up with things to teach via script writing and stage building. I'm actually sending Jordan on a small vacation next time (due to plot reasons that won't be revealed till later!) and introducing not one, but TWO new characters for it.

And thanks to Igbar's knowledge of commands, I'm gonna have some EXTRA fun with it too. Fuufuu. I've rehearsed it many times, and I think the play is good to go. I hope you all enjoy the next class -- what is it?

I guess to the wiki followers, I'll hint it out. It's probably a musical number~ Let us enjoy the voices of the Gladiator, Sam & a special guest together.